ALICE 5D MINK is Comfortable, 100% handmade false mink lashes. These comfortable lashes are two-fold and three-way layered. These lashes are 100% Mink And 100% Hand-Made. Shaped With Double and Triple Layered. We deliver thousands of eyelash styles, 25mm mink lash is the finest seller. Our band is tremendously soft and bright, won't load eyes and eyelid. We now manufactured a new creation: a one-line eyelash. Its band is made by solitary one line of the cotton terrier, which is fairly soft, light, and no inspiration of lash styles. We also deliver many modified packaging and private label is accessible.

Laid-back to Apply

  • Eliminate the false eyelashes, and slender them to fit your eye length.
  • Use both hands to fine-tune the false eyelashes to appropriate your eye curve.
  • Carefully smear the glue to the main stem of the false eyelashes.
  • Wait a few minutes for the glue to thirsty until the glue is almost transparent.
  • Close the eyes as suitable and certify a proper fit by blinking.

Why eyelashes are becoming trendy?

Sometimes our eyes are emphasized by the little hairs that line our lids. Yes! We're speaking about eyelashes. Do you have lengthy eyelashes? If you don't, you might demand you did, as they can make the eyes even more striking. But why do we even take them?

Several people use makeup and numerous tools to beautify and lengthen their eyelashes. Long, thick eyelashes can be good-looking. They do help some valuable purposes beyond only improving your looks, though. For instance, eyelashes help to defend your eyes. There are several particles in the air, like dust and sand, which can contract into your eyes and damage them. Eyelashes aid to sweep these elements out of the way. The long eyelashes of camels work in comparable ways.

Eyelashes also aid to keep moisture, like sweat or rain, out of your eyes. Their curved shape and the way they are located allow them to straight moisture away from your eyes. Eyelashes are hair, so they'll fall out certainly from time to time. Like the hair on your head, they raise back on their own, also. Some people trust eyelashes have distinct powers to endowment wishes. When an eyelash moves and lands on the cheek, some people will grip it with their fingertips and blow it away after they make a request. Have you constantly wished on an eyelash? Did your wish come accurate?

Enhance Your Natural Beauty

If you wish a comfortable, enigmatic, and even lures look. Try ALICE 5D MINK, which will be the meekest quality on a face that can improve your natural beauty. To have long and profuse eyelashes are measured to be glamorous and enigmatic. By applying these false eyelashes, you can be obvious in the crowd!

Synthetic Fiber Material - Cruelty-Free!

Our false eyelashes are completed from the premium quality synthetic fiber which is cruelty-free, presented with varied lengths and fluffy look, making them ultra-lightweight and a dream to attire!

Some questions that frequently asked from us

  1. How can I make certain your quality:

We are a factory producer, the best way is we deliver a sample for you read-through quality.
2. Can the model be free

Yes, We deliver permitted samples 1-3pairs.
3. How can I make my brand lash line

We Receive a custom package box with your logo, when your amount of order reaches to 1000pairs, we can do your design package box, the box cost ignoble on style and material.
4. How about when I established goods but being erroneous styles or being damaged

We have after service, if goods spoiled on the way or styles are erroneous, we will make recompense to you, or resend to you.