Our luxury 25mm, 3D mink, and ANGEL WINGS 5D MINK eyelashes are faultless for numerous occasions, obtainable in dramatic and natural looks they can be worn for a night out on the city or the first Sunday. 100% mink these lashes can be worn over 25 times when be concerned for appropriately. You will surely fall in love with one of our chicest false lashes yet. Get your couple of Angel Wings they have a very bright, fleecy, and slight... Our lashes are tremendously easy to apply, so whether you’re a stroke pro or just initial, you’ll be able to apply them, smoothly! If you want some help, take a look at our guide on how to apply your mink lashes... You’ll be a lash ace, in no time!


As well as 5D mink lashes, we also stock a great series of wispy 3D mink lashes. If you can’t choose between 3D or 5D, take a look at our full assortment. We identify that the lash adhesive you apply your mink lashes with is down to individual preference, so please note that our lashes are not providing with a lash adhesive glue.

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These luxurious 3D mink lashes have an astounding effect. They will carry your eyes to life with a feminine touch. The cotton band is contented and dark; giving you an eyeliner outcome without the trouble! 

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Eyelash flairs for all eye shapes. Find your preferred lashes in this new line that offers 3D mink lashes. The lashes are hard-wearing and reasonable!  

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For an everyday foundation, or for a glam look why not? This assortment has a style for every single one of you! The material is copied; so they are cruelty-free and reasonable!

A wide range of 5d mink lashes 

Get your hands on nice-looking and appealingly appealing 5d mink lashes at Mehii Lashes for the most cheap prices. These false and attractive 5d mink lashes are very supportable, strong enough to last for a long time, and made to improve safety. These 5d mink lashes are eco-friendly and are obtainable in many designs suited for women of all ages. 

The huge assortment of striking 5d mink lashes available on the site is made from superior materials such as Mink fur, mink hair, and other distinct kinds of fur. These fascinating 5d mink lashes are made exploitation 3D technology and are handmade, machine-made, and semi-hand-crafted with accuracy. Although you can continuously go for tailored versions, the prevailing 5d mink lashes on the site are striking and can go well for any kind of makeup. Buy these excellent products from the foremost suppliers and wholesalers having an entrenched reputation.

At Mehii Lashes, you can go for different varieties of 5d mink lashes that are obtainable in various shapes, sizes, colors, and touches. Some of the 5d mink lashes dissimilarities presented on the site are specifically thick, natural, lattice, colorful, sparkle, winged, etc perfect for women of all ages and body types. These 5d mink lashes are fortified with a sturdy false eyelashes band that is lenient on your eyes and does not cause any kind of irritation. 
Mehii Lashes features a varied range of 5d mink lashes that are modernized with your budget and all other supplies. These products are obtainable as OEM orders and you can also drive for modified packaging.

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