Rose 5D MINK eyelash is flawless for a melodramatic look that will make volume and extent. Whether it's for a day out with the gals or having the period of your life when going out, these lashes will make that makeup popular! Made with Siberian Mink Fur, these eyelashes are very easy with more hairiness and a five-dimension shape.  Lash-band is 100% cotton which makes them fantastic soft and comfortable on the eye!

rose 5d mink

These lashes are all CRUELTY-FREE:

  • Eyelashes are reusable when touched with care
  • eyelash glue not comprised

How To Apply Eyelashes

  • Gently eliminate the lashes from the tray using pincers
  • Hold the lash strip in contradiction of your eyelid & trim the ends if the band is too varied
  • Apply a thin band of lash glue along with the band & wait for the glue to develop tackily
  • Place the lash band as adjacent to your lash line as probable & grasp it until it is sheltered
  • Store lashes in their original packing to reserve their shape & honesty

Our stylish collection

Mehii Lashes believes that Style has no limits. It is something that is boundless and has no limitations. It is immortal and pure. Trends come and drive, styles modification with time, people’s lifestyles fluctuate from place to place but Mehii Lashes has functioned its heart out to uphold its culture of celebrating fashion at the separate moment of the day and every phase of its journey towards the world of fashion.

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About Our Company

Our company offers a diversity of products which can encounter your varied demands. We follow the administration principles of "quality first, the client first, and credit-based" since the founding of the corporation and always do our best to gratify the potential requirements of our customers. Our company is honestly willing to unite with enterprises from all over the world to grasp a win-win situation since the trend of economic globalization has developed with a tempting force.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make first-class and cruelty-free lashes for many years. We strive to be the leaders in the eyelash business about the world by providing advanced, wild, and first-class production to authorize our customers worldwide.

We produce mink Rose 5D MINK in dissimilar lengths including standard natural mink lashes, medium length lashes from 18mm to 20mm, the long histrionic lashes 22mm to 25mm. We also stock silk lashes and distinct lashes and associated allied products such as tweezers and glue with a certain quality and viable price.

Quality is Constantly Our Priority

Quality is always our urgency to ensure reliable customer satisfaction and unremitting future development. Mehii Lashes is dedicated to encouraging individuals to scope achievement as they define it. We hearten our partners to enlarge and progress their lash business, alter lives and achieve new goals one by one on the way to reach accomplishment. We are also devoted to maintaining a healthy, happy, and inspiring milieu for our staff who always make every single pair of lashes with love and heart. We offer a good chance and podium for our crew members to realize personal dreams on our way of mutual growth and shared development. We hope to work with customers from home and overseas to advance and increase our careers together!